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1 What material is the structure of a sofa?

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All the structures of our sofas are in pine and wood particles. And most importantly, the thickness of these structures is 18mm. This is replica watches what guarantees the life-resistance of a sofa. Our rustic line (wood) is also all in pine.
2 What is the density of the foam in a sofa?
The foams of a sofa are characterized by having a specific panerai replica watches density. This density is measured in kg. because it´s the weight of a block of polyurethane foam of 1 meter cubic.

The density of the foams is between 28-35kg. Higher density doesn´t mean highger hardness, but durability and recovery, that is, higher quality.

In the same density is where you can find different hardnesses.
3 What type of mattress can we put into a sofa-bed?
We offer 3 types of mattress (from lowest to highest quality). They are:
* Foam-rubber mattress 25kg.
* Closed mattress with high density foam (HQ-35kg). panerai replica Goes with a cover padding with edge.
* Closed mattress with nuclens HQ-35kg and top layer of 3mm of viscoelastic. Goes with cover padding with edge.
* Mattres of latex.
4 What can I do to get my sofa stay as the first day?
Evidently, a sofa is a product that we use daily. This suppose a natural wear.
Even so, we have to keep in mind some tips:

First of all whash always the covers under the advices of replica panerai  the fabric in question (see question). If it´s a leather sofa, you have to follow the instructions above.

Secondly try to fix dialy the position of the seats and backrests to avoid deformations in the future.
5 What type of sofas and compositions exist?
The traditional sofas are 4, 3 and 2 pl also the armchair. We also offer in some models the middle sofa of 2´5pl.

If we want to make a composition we have the option to adapt the chaiselongue to any size of sofa. There are also corners that allow to do compositions that take advantage of the places of a room, but more and more, on having been so well they are located to different stay inside the same space. A bed-sofa fulfills the same function as a normal sofa but has integrated a mechanism inside.
6 What type of system relax exist?
Generally a relax allows the person who is sit can lie down because the footrest raises and the backrest reclines behind. The relax is manual when the user is who panerai replica open directly the mechanism. There is no additional help. The own strength from the human´s body helps to open it. However automatic relax opens directly when we activate the toggle. Ussually the armchair is opened and stays fixed in a determined position which can be changed with the pressuer that we make with the body.

Opposite the electric or relax motor has got a motor (it needs a plug of the light) that raises the relax to the point that the user wishes and without any human effort.

There are armchairs which includes power-lift or elevator. They also do the function of automatic relax which allows the user to almost be stand. Furthermore these mechanisms might include the option of massage.
7 What is a sliding, folding headrest or a canape?
The sliding is a mechanism that allows to take out the seats of a sofa. In this manner the seat increase in size.
The folding or reclining headrest allows you to adjust that headrest to panerai replica watches differents positions.
The canape or chaiselongue is a longuer piece that is joined always to the center seat (right or left hand). The chaiselongues can be fixed or have a chest under where you can save objects such as pillows or blankets.
8 How can I wash the sleeves of a upholstered sofa?
Each fabric has its own technical and wash characteristics, but in general we should consider some basic advices such as: alwayss wash in cold temperature 30º, panerai replica use natural detergent, wash inside out the sleeves, not sun-dried, don´t use dryer and never use bleach. All fabric of Rustika´s firm offer the option to remove stains with alcohol.
9 What is the difference between leather and synthetic leather?
The sofas can be made of natural or synthetic leather (poliskin or PVC).

The leather comes directly from the animal while the poliskin is a product that mimics the leather. Obviously, the leahter is much more warn and comfortable than polyskin. But leather is also more expensive and delicate. To find a balance between both we can make combined sofas, leather and polyskin. The last one is left to those parts of the sofa that don´t rub against the body such as the structure and the lower.
10 How can I take care of my leather sofa?
The leather is a flexible resistant and transpirable product. But to ensure its long-life you should onsider some few advices of maintenance. We must prevent that the leather sofa be next heat sources (such as heatres or radiators). We must also avoid exposing the sofa to sunlight directly.

Don´t use cutting or sharping objects on the sofa and avoid rubbing against walls or other robust objects.
11 How can I clean my leather sofa?
The leather has to be cleaned delicately by a simple cloth moistened with water. If it exists some stronger spot, you can add a bit of natural soap (PH 5.5), clarify panerai replica and leave it to dry outdoors. A big mistake is clean the leather with products based on benzene, trichlorethylene or alcohol. These substances aren´t suitables for cleaning the leather because they eliminate the protection film of colour and resistance from the leather.
12 Is the leather a perfect product?
The leather is a product that comes directly from nature. Therefore, it can replica panerai watches have small marks scratches or scar. A good tanning respects the original properties of each leather. Therefore, these slight imperfections are a symbol of nobility and authenticity. With the passage of time, the leather of a sofa keeps its qualities, but for its natural characteristics of elasticity, the leather tends to sag.
For this reason, the creases may appear with the passage of time and it shouldn´t mean that is a leather defect, is the behavior of a natural product.
13 Which colour can I use to varnish a wooden sofa?
The colours that we offer to the three-pieces and pine beds are: honey, walnut, america, cherry, old pine, old pine glaze and wengue.